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It’s no secret that in the past few decades the world has gone decidedly digital. There’s nothing in this world’s history that has ever been as phenomenal as the rise and takeover of the digital world. Wherever we look and wherever we go, digital is the dominant force and it’s important to harness all it as to offer when it comes to making money and raising the profile of any brand, business or service.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world right now are based in the digital realm. Just look at the likes of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Three of the biggest earning companies in the world and what do they deal in? Digital services and technology.

So as a business owner or market, why would you not turn your hand to the digital world in order to maximise sales and make a real go of getting your company’s name in the mouths of everyone on the planet? There is, of course, no reason not to start exploring the world of digital to boost profits and get yourself seen out there in the world.

This page acts as my go-to guide for a basic overview of the digital world and how it can work f9or your advertising, regardless of your business. My blog posts will give more info, but if you want the basics, this is where you’ll find them.

Sources For Advertising


On the internet, there are a few ways to begin advertising online. The most obvious is through search engine traffic. Google is the most popular search engine and the one that works best for digital advertising so I’m going to focus on that and ignore the likes of Bing and Yahoo (because they don’t offer the best conversion rates).

So, the main part of advertising with Google is through Google AdWords. You know when you google pretty much anything and the top two or three results are always marked in a pale yellow as a ‘pad ad’? These are paid for by the company who is being advertised, no one gets on there for free. The way it works is through a Google AdWords account, where you can bid on keywords that are related to your business for a chance to appear first in the search engine results pages. This is the very first step you should be taking if you are starting to advertise digitally.

AdSense is another aspect of Google advertising which can help direct traffic to your money page, but it is not as effective as AdWords. It works in a similar way to the former and you must opt in to be a part of adsense. You bid on keywords that are stored in cookies on people’s computers ande when a publisher (i.e. a site owner) has adsense ads placed on theri website or youtube channel, your ads have a chance to show up in these allocated spots. For AdSense, you may have to create a visual ad that provides an image and short text to be appealing to people.

Social Media

The whole world and its dog is on social media in the 21st century and you should definitely tap into this method if you truly want to take your digital advertising to new heights. A social media strategy is a whole other kettle of fish, but most platforms have the function to create paid ads that can be circulated to relevant audiences.

This can be extremely useful considering that the majority of the modern world spend an insane amount of time scrolling through timelines and feeds and it’s time to take advantage of this! Facebook is especially good for referring traffic to your website so take a little bit of time learning how to use the Ad Manager and how to effectively boost posts to relevant audiences.

Customer Engagement

Once you’ve had a few sales with your business, you’re probably interested in how to get even more. Depending on your product, you may be able to remarket to people who have previously bought from you by retargeting and re-engaging. There are plenty of ways to do this without being annoying, but my favourite is definitely email marketing.

I like email marketing because if people truly don’t want to read it, they can opt out, but for the most part, if the email marketing is good, then people should enjoy getting regular mailshots from you.

So make them genuinely enjoyable for the people that will be reading them and give them valuable content and offers that will keep them signed up and engaging with you.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the newcomer’s in the advertising world, but not as new as you think. Think about all the times you go to a pub or gym and see a TV screen with advertisements and promotions on. That is digital signage and it has done wonders for the world of advertising.

Gone are the days of paying for expensive printing of posters and leaving out of date information on display for your customers to get confused with. Digital signage allows you not only to advertise your own products and promotions but gives you the opportunity to create revenue from third parties.

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