How to Build a Great Business on Instagram

Back in the day, when the image sharing social platform Instagram was launched, nobody knew that it could turn into a cash cow for several businesses and celebrities. The power of Instagram has only grown over the years, helping several small businesses launch themselves to viral success. It has even beaten Facebook as it helps you get better customer targeting through engaging content.

Do you want to build a business through Instagram? If yes, then follow this guide and let us show you how.

Mold your business to suit Instagram

While the social platform is best suited for businesses that can provide striking photographic value, it can be great for other kinds of businesses as well. You have to check how you can create stunning visual images to make your business look more appealing on the platform. If you are an interior designer, you will need to capture some great pictures and videos of the projects you are working on. However, if you are a construction business, you will have to find some other way to make it work. Depend on educational videos and get a graphic design artist to work.

Don’t be generic

If you post photos on your business profile like you would on your personal profile, you are risking extinction on the platform. To be remembered and liked by your audience, you need to create visuals that instantly capture the attention of your followers. Hiring professional photographers is one way in which this feat can be accomplished. Even if you are posting just once a day, your posts have to relate to your audience.

Get more eyeballs

The more viewers you get on your profile, the better your chances of creating a successful business. Therefore, don’t shy away from using a lot of content. You could be posting 1 to 3 times a day with ease. There is nothing like your followers getting tired of your posts. If you can keep the content interesting and relevant to your audience, three is a golden number for you.

If you have more content to share, use Instagram Stories. Borrowed from Snapchat stories, these are pictures that go without hashtags and other fluff. They will remain active on your profile for 24 hours and vanish thereafter. Stories have some great value in terms of eyeballs because they come with time constraints. Your followers know that if they don’t view the story now, it could be gone any minute.

If your story is popular or highlights the best of your brand, you could save it on your profile, just below the bio, using the highlight feature. Here, you can keep a wide collection of stories for as long as you want and give your audience a hint of what they will find on your profile.

Use calls to action

The platform doesn’t allow you to use clickable links in stories or image captions. The only place where you can use links is in the bio and here too, you can use only one link. Include the most relevant link to your business here- whether your website, blog or online store.

All done? Now promote your page. Get credit from and find lasting business success.

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