Demystifying the Internet Marketing Niche

For those of you who aren’t entirely sure about it, the Internet Marketing niche (IM for short) is just another way of referring to the Make Money Online niche (MMO). What it is essentially is online entrepreneurs who sell digital products and services which are supposedly to aid you in making money online.

I guess it’s totally justifiable as to why there would be an air of mystery and wonder around this niche since the question which would probably naturally come to mind is that of why anyone who knows about some revolutionarily effective way of generating money online would share that information with anyone. That’s where the smoke and mirrors effect comes into play because what it does is it lays bare for all to see just how the vast majority of products and services for sale as part of the IM niche aren’t even in the slightest bit as effective as suggested.

So basically what I’m getting at here is that if you suffer from the “the e-book-will-make-me-rich” syndrome, you’ll keep falling victim to all those cleverly-worded IM/MMO sales pages and buying into training seminars, masterminds, coaching courses and digital products such as e-books with no success at all to show for it. Either that or you’ll fall into the cycle of perpetuating what is essentially a pyramid structure, in which you’ll pretty much have to turn around and sell the very same nonsense you were duped into buying.

Does this mean the MMO industry is all bad though, especially from the point of view of someone who is looking to get right into it and get in on the action?

The answer is that it’s bad 99% of the time with the remaining 1% taking a little bit of a different turn. The 1% legitimacy which can be associated with the MMO niche takes more of the shape of how the people who made it big during the Gold Rush did so by selling shovels to the hoards of gold prospectors, and not necessarily through the discovery of gold themselves.

So there’s somewhat of a digital gold rush going on – a prolonged one at that and perhaps one which seems as if it’ll last forever. The Internet Marketers who are making a killing while sleeping easy at night with none of the guilt of those Internet Marketers who can’t be separated from wily scammers, are those who sell digital products and services in support of digital gold prospectors.

To put it in plain English – if you want to succeed as perhaps an affiliate or an original product producer in the IM niche, you’ll have to look towards the tools people who are looking to earn money online can make good use of. So you’d be looking in the direction of the likes of e-mail autoresponders; web templates such as those which are compatible with WordPress, Joomla, etc; and something like copywriting services.

There are plenty of such supporting “tools” to sell to digital gold prospectors and that’s how you can make an honest living in what is otherwise an extremely deceitful niche market.

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