Exploring the Future of the Central Banking System

Amongst many other constructs of the world we’re living in, the central banking system only really needs enough people to come together and decide not to conform to its fundamentals for it to implode. Perhaps one should say that’s what needs to happen for it to implode sooner than what its current trajectory suggests, but the bottom line is that like many other constructs of the financial sector in particular, it is indeed unsustainable in the long run.

Either way, there are only a few scenarios which could play out as far as the future of the central banking system goes, some which are less ideal than others. In each case though, the common denominator is the critical mass which is important to the maintenance of the outcome. I.e. if there are enough people who believe in a certain trajectory it is to take or just enough people who keep it running (even if they’re oblivious), then that’s all it really needs to get swayed in that particular direction.

Preservation of a seemingly sacred elitist privilege

Truth be told, the central banking system is fundamentally unjust because in its current state it only serves to consolidate on the mega wealth held by an elitist few. If you were to peel back the layers of the central banking system all around the world, what you’ll typically find is that the ownership generally points back to a small selection of the same people, generally. Consequently, descendants of the controllers of the system are essentially born into wealth their forefathers didn’t really do much to deserve to hold in the first place and for as long as there are enough people who believe in the current economic model at large, this seemingly sacred elitist privilege will continue to exist as one of the likeliest courses of the future of the central banking system.

Undoing of the system as we know it

Once again it would come down to a numbers game. If enough people decide they’ve had enough of how the central banking system works as it exists today, they have the power to change it right in their hands. It wouldn’t be pretty as new legal parameters would have to be defined along the way and there would most definitely be all kinds of casualties including physical ones and economic prospect casualties.

Evolution of the system, disguised as a paradigm shift

Another way in which everything could play out would see the system evolving to perhaps incorporate operational elements that only seek to humour the popular rhetoric, but fundamentally the system which is to the benefit of an elitist few would remain in full operation.

Co-existence of the system with parallel systems

While the likes of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could indeed mean the end of the central banking system as we know it, another course of events would be that of the central banking system’s continued operation alongside parallel systems like cryptocurrencies. Certainly it looks as if things are most likely headed in this direction for the foreseeable future.

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