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Having spent a lot of my career advising people on their marketing options, I am aware that there are so many businesses and individuals working in and around this industry with an array of expertise and knowledge. Such people could offer a community a whole host of advice and guidance to apply to their circumstances. Therefore, I have opened an area of the Global Ads Post website so that anybody wishing to part with their words of wisdom can do so in the form of a guest blog post to the site.

If this sounds like a good idea and something you would like to get involved in, read through the following helpful article regarding the finer details of writing for the Global Ads Post site and then get in touch with your blog post at

Who I am Looking for To Write for My Website

If you are visiting this website, the chances are that the subject matters Global Ads Post discusses are of interest to you and you have a real passion as to the topics covered. I, therefore, encourage you to use this passion and compile it into a high-quality blog post for everybody on the website to share in.

I am not looking for anybody in a specific trade or industry, for the online world is vast and covers a multitude of specialties. Instead, I am looking for somebody who has some experience or knowledge about the subjects this website covers and would like to help those reading the blog to apply them to their circumstances, or merely encourage them to share in your experience.

I do not require you to be a writer, in fact, I actively encourage anybody who has never written before to offer a blog post on this platform as well for the first time. There are no rules regarding writing style, and I have no preference for structure and presentation. All I do ask is that your passion for what you wish to talk about is evident and comes through naturally in your blog post, as you contribute some valuable content amidst your words.

The Topics of Interest to The Global Ads Post Community

If you have had the time to take a good look around the Global Ads Post website, you will have noticed that I have a vast list of specialist topics which are open to anybody wishing to submit their very own guest blog post to. I am incredibly proud of this extensive list, as I feel that it offers excellent scope for potentially engaging and captivating content. Currently, that list includes:

  • Banking System
  • Business Topics
  • Big Companies and Corporations
  • Small Business News
  • Credits and Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Financial News
  • Budgeting
  • Personal Finance
  • Insurance
  • Investment Tips
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • SMM

Though this list allows for many potential blog posts, I am still keen on exploring more subject areas, to ensure that this website remains fresh and relevant and relates to what visitors expect to be viewing right now. So, if I feel that this section could do with a bit of an update or revamp, I will work on adding to it as soon as the need arises. I also encourage visitors to let me know if there is a category which you feel is missing here and should be included for a better all-around experience on this site.

Alternatively, you may still feel at this point that you would very much like to compile a blog post for the site but are still slightly hesitant about doing so. Take a look at this short but informative list of sample article titles, which should hopefully give you some initial inspiration for composing your post around:

  • The Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses
  • Everything You Need To Know about SEO, SMM, and PPC
  • How To Make The Best Of A Business Social Media Account
  • How Freelancers Can Utilise Online Marketing To Its Fullest

Why I Would Like You to Contribute to My Blog

Having offered my consultancy services for over a decade now, I understand how productive we can all be when we get the right advice and guidance from those who have a specialist area. I would like to see the exact same thing happen on the Global Ads Post website, whereby every community member with diverse experience offers to share it with the broader community.

This way, individuals can advise on what marketing techniques work for them, businesses can discuss their involvement and experience with matters such as SEO, PPC and SMM, and anyone with any personal history of mortgages, loans, and overall finance can also share their opinions and thoughts.

Imagine the breadth and depth of knowledge a blog like this could offer if every one of the 12,700 plus community members provides a well-constructed and logical blog post!

Write and Publish Your Post Here and Receive Acknowledgement

For everyone who submits their carefully constructed words of wisdom to the Global Ads Post website, I will endeavor to ensure they are acknowledged as the author of the post by inserting their name pride of place right next to their blog post. This way, when the audience reads your words and takes their inspiration from them, they will know exactly who they have to thank for such wisdom!

Additionally, if you would like a shout out to your social media account, I would also be willing to do this next to your name, as a gesture of thanks for taking the time to offer your guest blog post.

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

By now, you will hopefully be feeling confident and excited about getting that blog post written up. Once you are happy with your final piece, just email it to me at, and I will work on getting your finished product onto the website immediately, so we can all benefit from what you have to say. That is really all there is to writing for the Global Ads Post website – what could be easier?