How legal consultants can benefit your business

Legal consultancy has been on the rise for a while and is often cheaper and more efficient for businesses compared to hiring a full legal team or an in-house lawyer, which makes it a popular legal solution for many.

Legal consultancy is a step away from the tradition of hiring a huge law firm or hiring an in-house lawyer within a business, but it is a change that is well needed in an industry that is growing more than ever.

So what are the benefits of hiring a legal consultancy?

  • Access to a range of experience

Legal consultancy and resourcing firms are made up of teams of experienced legal professionals who have experience in a plethora of areas.

When a business needs help on legal matters, the consultancy can send the appropriate man or woman for the job based on the needs of the business from a timing and knowledge perspective.

  • Lower overheads for the business

Compared to hiring an in-house legal team or a permanent legal professional, a consultancy can offer more of a lean model compared to paying a consistent salary.

Work can be billed in various ways depending on the project, and the client is often billed either on a monthly retainer basis or only for the work that is completed. This has presented a great bonus for businesses, as consultancy allows them to lower their costs and use the money for other areas of the business.

  • High levels of attentiveness

Aside from the financial savings, consultancies offer a service that is unlikely to be matched by a large law firm or an in-house team.

Instead of having to chase an in-house team that is too busy to respond to emails, or having to wait for your lawyer to get back off of holiday, a legal consultancy are there when you need them and will always be on hand to offer you time and attention when you need it.

Due to the nature of consultancies, it is likely that work will be done both to a higher standard and within a better timeframe.

Hiring a legal consultancy can appear daunting at first, especially as they are a step away from the more traditional legal model businesses have always relied on. However, legal consultancy firms offer a whole host of benefits and provide an efficient extension to your business.

Whilst they do all the hard work, you and your employees can save money and focus on driving your business forward.

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