How To Verify Your Email Lists With

It’s vital for every professional to properly verify the email addresses of leads to make sure that the content you produce will get to the people you are targeting to and the messages you send won’t bounce. For this, you need a specified tool, an email checker, for example, we are going to talk about in this article.

How to verify your email lists with The email checker makes it quite easy to get sure the email lists are OK so that you may have no doubts the emails will reach their recipients, this way you will improve the delivery rate and reduce the bounce rate.

The platform provides options: you can use the browser extension, upload a file with email IDs to the application and check them all at once or one by one.

Thanks to the email checker extension, you can export the verified addresses to a list of recipients in your account. You can also build a few email lists depending on the audience; filter the recipients and export them as different files to the PC. Choose specific emails from the list if you don’t need to the whole email list to be verified.

Import the list of emails, create a new list or start checking the current list of email addresses that you’ve already imported. Click the Verify current list button to check the entire list of email addresses that you’ve just imported or you can simply select individual email addresses you’d like to verify. also gives you the ability to verify email addresses that aren’t in your current list with the Verify Email button. This allows you to input a single email address that you can verify and then add it to one of the lists if they are valid. All you have to do is to type the email address into the text field and click the Verify Email button to start the process.


The Email Checker ensures that you get verified real emails people use regularly. When the email addresses are confirmed, marks them with one of the statuses:

  • Valid emails are the ones that are actively used and can receive emails. This is the only category you can safely send emails to.
  • The invalid status stands for an email being inactive and there’s no sense in sending messages to them. If you still do that, the sender’s reputation will be damaged soon.
  • Catch-all-email addresses cannot be verified and maintain an unknown status. This might be a temporary issue or a constant problem. So you need to think of whether to send email drip campaigns there or not.

The platform doesn’t do anything on its own decision. Before verification starts, you’ll get a message stating “You have (the number of email addresses you entered) that need to be verified, we will verify as many emails on the list as your credit balance allows.” does not take credits for catch-all emails, you’ll have to pay for valid or invalid only. What is great about the platform is that you’ll get an email notification when verification is over and every email gets its own status.

If you need a reliable way to see exactly how many active email addresses are in your list, provides one of the easiest-to-use and reliable methods of doing so. The Email Verifier service is great for email marketers and other online marketing specialists who want to reach their audience. This tool is a great way for you to get a clear picture of where and who you should be focusing your time on as it refers to their email marketing needs.

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How many of you are aware of the terms SEO, SMM, and PPC? Am interested in getting visitor’s knowledge on such terms.

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