Is Your Small Business Website Secure?

With websites like WordPress, almost anyone can make their own professional website for a small business, but is your website secure? Though you may not realize it, the majority of sites have backdoors and vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to steal valuable data and interrupt your operations. Don’t allow your site to be a target. These 5 steps can help you identify and fix any security issues with your site before cyberbullies can disrupt your operations.

Start At Home

Before you begin assessing your website, it’s important to look at your personal computer. Are you using antivirus software on your business computer? If not, it’s time to invest in a strong antivirus program. Even if you use a Mac, known for their decreased vulnerability to viruses, you should still add another line of defense because getting viruses onto your computer makes it easy for hackers to attack your website and your data.

Clear Out Add-Ons

WordPress is home to the majority of small business sites, and part of what makes the platform so accessible and valued is that it includes access to countless plugins. Unfortunately, if a plugin hasn’t been updated recently, they may actually serve as a point of entry for attackers. Take the time to remove any plugins you’re not using and check when they were last updated. Old tools should be traded in for those that are being actively maintained.

Upgrade To 2FA

We all know that weak passwords are a serious problem from a security perspective, but as code-breaking software and processing speeds improve, even a good password can be quickly bypassed. That’s why you should consider moving your website sign-ins to a two-factor authentication (2FA) process. Generally, a 2FA system sends a unique code to your cell phone upon each sign-in so that even if a hacker breaches your password, they can’t make the final leap to your site.

Think About Your Server

Your server is home to all kinds of important information, including the main infrastructure of your website, so you need to protect it – and there are many tools that work to that end. Consider employing a program like Scan My Server, which uses a variety of tests to determine server vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and Source Disclosure. There are also SaaS options for server analysis that you might consider to ensure that you’re regularly evaluating system security. These programs are ideal since SaaS tools are always up to date and ready to assess the latest threats.

Mind Data Exchanges

Information is typically at its most vulnerable when it’s in motion because outside entities can intercept it, and this happens all the time when users are submitting information to websites. Protect your users from data interception by ensuring that your website has an SSL certificate.

While in the past, only a limited class of websites needed SSL certificates, today it’s considered the gold standard and many browsers will interrupt users if they try to access a site without one. By protecting your users, you’re also guaranteeing ongoing ease of access to your site and guarding your rankings.

Your website is your business’s first point of contact for many people, and if it’s not operating properly, it’s vulnerable to hackers. With these precautions in place, though, you can feel confident that you’re offering customers a secure means of engaging with your business, knowing their data is safe with you.

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