The benefits of using printed custom tote bags in your stores

Tote bags have long been enjoyed for their versatility, and they are now ubiquitous. If you walk to work, through the shops or down any highstreet; you will see someone carrying a tote bag. They are incredibly useful as a way of carrying all sorts of items, and as regulations have been put in place to reduce the use of plastic bags, they have become ever more important.


So why should you as a store be offering printed custom tote bags?


  • People want an environmentally conscious bag


As people have become more environmentally conscious due to the threat of climate change, they want to be more responsible by reducing their personal plastic usage. A tote bag allows your customers to do this, as well as having other benefits.


  • Custom tote bags as a form of brand loyalty


Tote bags in many ways display the type of person someone is, or the groups in which they belong. If you know someone in your life who cares about animal rights, there is a chance that you have seen them with the famous tote bag from Lush.


If someone enjoys your store, or the values that you represent, then there is a chance that they will want to use your tote bag to signal that to other people.


  • Custom tote bags as advertising



Tote bags, as well as being functional, are now considered fashionable. Their utility and the way in which you can quite easily get one designed to fit your taste, means that many are now using them as everyday handbags.


If people are wearing and using your store’s custom tote bags on a daily basis and treating them as a fashion accessory, it means that they are showing them off. These people become human billboards, advertising your brand for free as they go about their lives.


This form of advertising through a custom tote bag is especially brilliant for small stores. Purchasing a large number of custom tote bags that are both high quality and promote your business is relatively affordable; and its effect on your business can be long lasting rather than just a flash in the pan.


Tote bags are a constant reminder about your store for your customers, and help keep your brand recognition high in society.







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The benefits of using printed custom tote bags in your stores

Tote bags have long been enjoyed for their versatility, and they are now ubiquitous. If you walk to work, through …

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