Things to Learn About Covid 19 Staffing

During the pandemic, every aspect of the economy has been affected one way or another. Businesses and companies in particular have struggled when it comes to staffing. Some companies have furloughed employees while some businesses in other industries are short on staff.

Many industries are still facing this difficult challenge when it comes to Covid-19 staffing. Here are some things that you should learn that may help you fill in positions.


Consider how you want to conduct interviews.

Once you’ve browsed through applicants’ resumes or CVs, you would want to conduct interviews. Decide whether you’d like to do it face-to-face or virtually (online). There are obvious pros and cons to each of these. Choose the one that applies most to your business or company.

However, you can do away with all the hassle by working with a professional staffing agency. This saves you a good deal of time and effort from having to do all these tasks.


Establish solid COVID-19 guidelines.

One of the first things to consider when staffing during the COVID-19 pandemic is a solid set of guidelines that everyone can refer to. Make sure that all information sources are valid and reliable. Furthermore, discourage staff from using social media to obtain the latest information about coronavirus.

You can create instructional videos or hold orientations for new staff. This will ensure that they have thorough knowledge about new guidelines and practices prior to starting the job. For this, you may coordinate with your company’s HR Department or the Quality Assurance Department.


Provide flexibility for employees.

In whatever set-up your company has for employees – whether remote or face-to-face, you must provide flexibility for your staff as much as possible. This will guarantee that their productivity and quality of work are never compromised. This, in turn, will benefit the company as a whole.


Consider Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.

Depending on the type of business or company you have, you would need a supply of PPE for your staff. If not, you would still need to procure new equipment and gear such as thermal scanners or thermometers, alcohol and sanitizers, disinfecting solutions, and other similar materials.

Hiring and recruiting during the Co-Vid 19 crisis surely challenging. However, companies like professional staffing agencies may help alleviate some of the difficulties you typically encounter. Remember that your employees will be your most valuable asset especially during this time.

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