Video Marketing for the MMO Niche

Also known as the Internet Marketing niche (IM), the Make Money Online niche (MMO) is as dynamic as any niche you’ll ever come across because there’s pretty much something brand new that comes onto the scene every single day. Of course I’m talking about the marketing side of things – getting your MMO products and services out there and in front of the eyes of your potential customers.

And with that video marketing comes into focus, at a very crucial time too because quite frankly, if you’re not doing video marketing as part of your strategy then you’re really getting left behind. It’s no longer a matter of just missing out on a huge chunk of the potential market you want to target, but rather just a matter of getting left behind – it’s no longer enough to just factor in the likes of email marketing and even something like pay-per-click advertising if you don’t feature any content delivered via video in the mix, whether that content is your sales pitch or just pure value-addition content.

To put it simply, if you and a competitor are advertising the same or a similar solution to a problem a prospective client has, if yours is a text-only or text-and-image ad while that of your competitor is a video ad, guess who’s going to land the sale? It’s most likely going to be the video ad since these are more visually stimulating and engaging, so there’s no question about the fact that you have to seriously start looking into video marketing if you’re in the MMO niche.

What kind of videos to produce

A mid-range smartphone available just about anywhere these days will more than fit the bill by way of the integrated HD video camera it has and this is all you’ll need to shoot the videos you’re going to use to market yourself as an authority and to market your offers. You’ll also probably need some screen-recording software if you want to create video demonstrations for both your prospects and some of the buyers who sign up to your offerings like an online training course you may have produced, etc.

As far as it goes with the kind of videos to produce, just keep it real in creating videos that offer a window into what the results of the solution you’re selling offer. For example, if you’re going to be showing people how to make money online through affiliate marketing in your member’s area, to draw in prospects you would probably create a video screenshot of you logging into your affiliate marketing platform account to demonstrate how much money you’ve managed to make over a certain period of time.

Video sharing platforms

Start with YouTube – you cannot risk not being on YouTube because once you gain momentum on YouTube then there will be some recurring traffic hitting your videos without the need for you to put in any further effort marketing your videos. YouTube videos convert really well if you place a link in the description, captioning the video which offers a solution to a problem identified in the MMO niche.

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