Where custom printed bags could help improve your businesses marketing

The popularity of paper bags has shot through the roof recently with more being done to encourage their use on towns and districts across the globe. This popularity has increased the potential of the paper bag as a marketing tool. Indeed, if you want your store to be viewed as environmentally sustainable, it is becoming less of a choice and more of a requirement that you adopt paper bags in your shops. Here are some of the different ways that custom printed paper bags can be used to convey your brand to your customers.

  1. They give your customer something in addition to the product

The product offering for customers concerns more than just the item that they buy, it includes the service you give them, the online service they receive and even the bag they use to carry their new purchase home in. If you give your customers a strong printed bag with an interesting design, they will likely use it again in the future. This links onto our second point.

  • They can help you reach a new audience (with the right design)

Reaching new audiences is a crucial part of business, and not only will good quality custom printed bags help in your retention marketing, but they may also help you increase the number of visitors to your physical store. If you invest in quality designs, associates of your customers may notice your bag, and create an impression for your brand.

Our top tip is to incorporate your store’s location on your bag, that way if your customers are tourists when they take their bag home it may generate some interest based on their visit to another area. Equally, if you have good branding on your printed bag, and your customers keep it, it will increase the likelihood of them coming back to the store in the future.

  • They allow you to strengthen your overall brand identity

Getting the overall branding of your business right concerns more than just getting some logos on some pens and stickers. Incorporating logos and branding onto your shop’s bags will be bringing the branding into part of the overall service offering. Matching this up with your digital presence online will then help to contribute to a holistic marketing and branding strategy.

Find a supplier who offers a lot of choice in the custom printed bags

When you are getting creative with your branding team and developing a design for your bag, you do not want to be limited by the number of colours or shapes you can choose from. With this in mind, we recommend finding a custom printed bag manufacturer who uses a variety of printing techniques to increase the chances of you creating the perfect design you have in your mind.