Why blog posts and content updates are essential for SEO

Welcome to the world of content marketing. It’s a place where you will need to learn exactly how bespoke content will grant your website a high SERP ranking. The power of SEO truly is remarkable when it comes to putting your website on page one. Good content and good SEO comes hand in hand. When you make any sort of new blog posts or content updates, your SEO needs to be interwoven within it. Here is exactly why.

Google ranks based on content

According to SEO specialists, like Neil Patel, blogging and content are extremely important factors when it comes to your SERP position on Google. Your potential clients make search enquiries in order to find out information or to get answers to their questions. That’s why your blog posts need to be informative and full of information. The good news is that blogs can be about almost anything, as long as it remains relevant to your business. So, if you use on-page SEO tactics within your content to bring in new customers, they are more than likely going to stumble across your blog with the correct keywords. Google ranks informative blogs very highly, meaning that it is more than likely that your good content will get your pages a higher SERP ranking. 

Topic Specific

For any sort of digital marketing services, or digital marketers, one of the great things about content is that you can make it entirely about your business or go a little more outside of the box. The best way to make sure that your content is SEO-optimised is to make it adhere to the “scanning technique.” Basically, you need to make sure that your writing could be easily read by a scanner. Keep your sentences simple and your posts long. If anything, consider making them into FAQ pages that makes the content easily digestible for your audience. This may encourage your audience to stay on your website for longer and, therefore, lower its bounce rate. 

Living Posts

Now, this may seem a little obvious, but the more you upload and update your posts, the more likely that Google will see your website as alive and ready to produce results. Google is not going to put your website to number one if you haven’t updated your blog or website in centuries. In fact, it is good practice to actually go back and update your old content with new information. That means that your clients will come back and re-read it to see your latest updates. Google wants to put your website on page one. If you look like you are making an active effort to look trustworthy and informative, it will reward you for your efforts.


Where else are you going to put your sources on your website? You want to give your viewers the facts and make your website look like a reliable resource. You’re going to do that through links to internal pages of your website or to external content. These sorts of links will help add some authority to your website. Just make sure to cite them too! That way Google will see that you are not just copying someone else’s work. 

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